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Making Space for Purpose + Profit™


Let's Design a Better Future Together

360 Venture Collective is a woman-founded and led venture firm with an intentionally inclusive investment thesis. 

We fund & accelerate pre-seed & seed stage venture scale tech-enabled companies led by historically underestimated founders building in the fin-tech, health-tech, prop-tech, and future of work sectors. Today we focus on funding companies that are registered and based in the United States.

Our team is deeply committed to providing funding, resources, and advisory support to innovative founders that have historically had limited access to venture capital funding.

Funding Women Founders
Funding LGBTQ+ Founders
Funding Property Tech
Funding Impact Innovation
Funding Health Tech
Funding The Future



We are emerging fund managers. 

New to venture but not to team success!

For 10+ years we have ideated, invested, and created together. 

The Visionary

Kelly Cartoon.JPG

Kelly O'Connell

Managing Partner

My friends call me "Google." I don't neatly fit in a box. I'm a geek, an athlete, and a coach with a deep love of learning and people. I'm money-motivated and purpose-driven. I've climbed the corporate ladder, helped several startups achieve unicorn status, and assisted many Fortune 500's in avoiding disruption and improving sustainability. I've lived the life of an advocate, executive, and founder. Thrilled to lead and learn as a VC. 


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Ann E. Metzger

General Partner

My friends call me "Mayor." Community inspires me. I love learning people's stories and helping people achieve goals. Doing "good" drives me. I've served as a marketing leader for Fortune 500 brands, including Pepsi and Microsoft. And I've thrived professionally by embracing my entrepreneurial spirit working, advising, and investing in the real estate sector. Excited to connect.

Ann E. Metzger

The Connector


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The Operator

Shelley Iocona

Shelley Iocona

General Partner

My friends call me "Techgirl." Creating responsible and sustainable technology for impact intrigues me. I love building products customers love through experimentation and re-imagination. My background includes coding, design, and product management. Equally comfortable with Fortune 500's and early-stage startups, I help intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs innovate and accelerate. I'm a founder and advisor. Let's get our hands dirty.


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We are executives, founders, & investors who have learned by doing. We are committed to opening doors where they have historically been closed. Our skills, experience, and connections are here for you to capitalize on when you need them most. We bring trusted advice, mentoring, and resources required to help your team successfully scale. Motivated to see you win. 

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The Experts 


Arc Accelerator

Meeting Founders Where They Are

Designed to help ship software, impact markets, and ultimately change lives.


Arc Accelerator is designed to guide founders to transform themselves, and their ideas, into a successful, scalable solution that serves a large, addressable market in a way that creates value and impact for the world.    

Green Indoors

Unifying Investment

  • Tech-enabled serving venture scale SOM

  • Socially responsible and inclusive

  • Innovative/disruptive approach to an existing or overlooked problem

  • Under-voiced & high potential founding team LGBTQ+ & Women

Empowering Impact Entrepreneurs

We Invest Where Market Opportunity and Social Responsibility Collide

health tech_edited.png


prop tech_edited.png


future of work_edited.png

Future of Work

fin tech_edited.png


Venture funding for health innovators exceeded 14 billion yet the continuing global crisis of health inequity predicts strong opportunity for this sector. Investing in those bridging the gap. 

Technology optimizes the way people research, rent, buy, sell, manage, and develop property. Data proves this industry will continue to evolve rapidly due to consumer demand and the impact of climate change.

The workforce is shifting at an unprecedented rate. The way we work, collaborate, and set and achieve objectives, is quickly changing. Tools that predict, empower, and enable change adoption are essential.

At the intersection of regulation, market demand, and opportunity tools that empower traditionally underrepresented individuals gain financial clarity and control are positioned to win.

360 Venture Collective
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